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Reasons for "Pictures of the Year"

The photographs on the following pages show the best work done for the that year but more importantly shows the years most important events incapsulated in a tight edit. News photographers and their respective publications have been producing these bodies of work for decades from the largest news organizations showing world events to the smallest hometown papers showing a years worth of important events locally. After leaving Washington’s hyper restrictive political arena in 2014 I decided that to find my way back to my roots as a shooter I needed to do a years worth of self assigned photos. Things that I loved but had lost contact with as a result of being either on the road or in Washington and frankly being burned out from being stuck in “Ground Hog Day”! So for an entire year I shot one photo a week that made me happy. It did two things, it made me love documentary photography again and it gave me enough material to produced a book, “Transition of a Shooter”. I don’t regret having worked in Washington but the work I’m doing now is so much more meaningful and important. Enjoy the images as the years tick by.

Douglas Graham photographer for Loudoun Now covering the 2016 blizzard along Route 7 on top of the mountain as the blizzard pushes into day 2 with snow totals going over 30 inches in parts of Western Loudoun County.

Second Lives | Transition Behind the Lens

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